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USPA Eastern Challenge – La Indiana vs Dutta Corp

Sunday’s are for polo, we all know that. This past Sunday I headed up to Wellington to watch friends play against each other at Grand Champions Polo Club (where I had my first polo lessons). Playing for the final of the USPA Eastern Challenge was: 13 goal team Dutta Corp, with Tim and Timmy Dutta, Kris Kampsen and Piki Alberdi versus 17 goal team La Indiana/Clearwater, Chip Campbell, Michael Bickford, Ezequiel (Gallego) Ferrario Martinez and Jeff Hall.   I had...

WCT Women’s Polo Champions Tour Final 2016

April is a spectacular month for polo lovers in Wellington. The US Open evolves during the month and marks the end of the polo season in Florida, making it a fitting time and place to hold the Final of the Women’s Champions Tour at the Grand Champions Polo Club. The weekend tournament started with a kick-off party on Wednesday 13th at The Museum of Polo, where teams were presented, each telling us a little about themselves. It was so interesting...

My first chukker

Last week was amazing! I was around polo horses a lot and the highlight: I played my first chukker!! (for non-polo people: I played in my first polo match!)

Horsing around and the great fall

I finally fell off a horse! And before freaking out and thinking OMG is she ok, yes I am and it is a good thing to fall off your horse. I know it sounds a little crazy, but horse-people know what I am talking about. Basically it is inevitable that you will fall off at some point and the longer it takes for it to happen the more fear is built up and that is really bad for riding.  ...

Learning Polo at The Berkshire

I embarked on my polo-playing journey only a few months ago. I began with general practice riding lessons in Bahrain at the end of March, then I had 3 polo lessons in Florida at the Grand Champions Polo Club, then  back to Bahrain for a month doing GP riding and now I just returned from London, where my friend, pro polo player and teacher, Royston Prisk gave me two polo lessons at The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. So my...

Increasing my polo passion at Grand Champions

Conclusion of my three beginner lessons is that polo is even more amazing to me than before and I can’t wait for my next polo lessons

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