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My First Arena Polo Lesson at El Sur Polo Club

I have been trying to learn polo for almost three years now. My excuse for not being amazing yet is the inconsistency in my learning experience, so blaming my #crewlife and moving around all the time for that one. In no way my general capabilities on the horse ; ). I started on a big green field and that’s where I have been learning all over the world, but on this sunny and warm afternoon in Wellington, Florida, I had...

Polo Valley – Living a Polo Dream

When Polo Valley invited me to come and experience the Residential Polo Course in order to review it I was ecstatic and over the moon! I had been eyeing their Instagram account and daydreaming of the beautiful place for a while, so when the opportunity arose I was on a plane to Malaga immediately. I arrived at Polo Valley in Sotogrande this past Sunday, and immediately felt at home. Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly and the settings are just gorgeous. Alvaro,...

Polo Lessons at Dubai Polo Academy

I have been learning to play polo in three different continents so far, from my first lessons in Florida, my next ones in the UK, my first chukker in the UK and now learning it all again in Dubai, because my stewardess brain forgot most of it. The traveling makes it very hard to be consistent with my learning experience, but at least it makes for great adventures!

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