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WCT Women’s Polo Champions Tour Final 2016

April is a spectacular month for polo lovers in Wellington. The US Open evolves during the month and marks the end of the polo season in Florida, making it a fitting time and place to hold the Final of the Women’s Champions Tour at the Grand Champions Polo Club. The weekend tournament started with a kick-off party on Wednesday 13th at The Museum of Polo, where teams were presented, each telling us a little about themselves. It was so interesting...

Polo Lessons at Dubai Polo Academy

I have been learning to play polo in three different continents so far, from my first lessons in Florida, my next ones in the UK, my first chukker in the UK and now learning it all again in Dubai, because my stewardess brain forgot most of it. The traveling makes it very hard to be consistent with my learning experience, but at least it makes for great adventures!

Improving My Riding #NoStirrupsNovember

After almost 6 weeks of no riding I finally had some downtime and it was time to get back in the saddle for real. I booked lessons the whole week and to my initial dismay (but later joy) it was November, which if you are part of the equestrian community online means #NoStirrupsNovember and this is what I learned.

5 things to do off the polo field

Polo is not just a sport it’s a lifestyle. Almost everyone who tries polo falls madly in love with the sport and before you know it polo is on your mind 24/7 and all conversations and actions have something to do with polo. All you want to do is get up on that pony and swing a mallet. Some people are lucky and get to play and watch polo all year around, others (like me) live in a country (Bahrain)...

Fitness for Polo

Polo is an extreme sport. Between steering the horse (which is done with your legs), pushing an opponent away and setting up a swing to then hit the ball and make it go far, a polo player uses just about every muscle in his or her body. Twisting and turning in ways you hardly thought possible. I have been a gym rat since my late teens and would dare to say that I am in pretty good shape. I do...

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