Equestrian Bucket List Riding Polo Horses on the Beach in Hawaii


This last Sunday I fulfilled one of my big equestrian bucket list items, I have already ridden on the beach a few times (St. Maarten, Fanø ) but doing it in Hawaii has always been a dream of mine.

Ponies coming in from the pasture for our ride

My friend Danielle Travis (check out her awesome travel face masks so you don’t get sick on your next flight, The Barrier Method) lives in Hawaii and she knew the right spot to take me. The people at Hawaii Polo Club and Hawaii Polo Trail Rides were so nice and welcoming and the ponies were very sweet.

I got to ride Duchess and Danielle got on Dory and off we went on our adventure. The polo field is literally next to the beach so we passed it and were already on the sand.

The nature in Hawaii is just stunning, everywhere you look, the colors jump at you, the sea is so blue, the mountains so green and every detail along the way just makes you feel alive.

I love the mountainous backdrop

Bare feet through tall grass was very ticklish

We wandered through some trees and fields and then back to the sandy beach. I literally had to pinch myself as it was all just so magical, I felt like I was dreaming. At one point Danielle looked back at me and laughed, cause I was just looking up with my mouth wide open in awe, taking it all in, giggling as the tall grass tickled my bare feet and smiling at the soft snorts from the horses. 

An hour of walking around and it felt like 10 minutes. It was absolute bliss and such an amazing experience. I can recommend this to anyone passing by the North Shore of Oahu, excellent for beginners as the horses are very calm and the trail is only at a walk (the sand is quite deep and wouldn’t be good for the horses’ legs to go any faster). 

A tiny planet of horses, mountains and the beach, sounds perfect to me.

Such beautiful surroundings

The polo field is literally by the sea. Taken with my DJI Spark drone

So if you are looking for an amazing and different experience in Oahu, Hawaii go check out the Hawaii Polo Trail Rides and say hi from me. Booking can be done through their TripAdvisor page linked here.


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