Horse Auction with a Twist – Los Pingos Del Taita Remate de Domadores


There are regular horse auctions (called remate in Spanish) and then there is a spectacular show of horsemanship. Monday the 13th of November I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing this fantastic remate, held by Los Pingos Del Taita at the Lagunas Polo Club. My friend Cuyi had invited me to sit at her table, front row seats!

When we arrived there were lots of snacks and beer to enjoy whilst checking out the ponies and socializing. Then it was show time, and I mean literally show time. Once everyone was settled in their seats the lights went off, then a smoke machine started and blue lights and loud music added to the sensation. Suddenly a pony and her tamer (domador in Spanish) burst out from behind the curtain and galloped back and forth, doing sharp turns and expressive stops. It was mind-blowing.


Then the auction started, with some low bids and a bit more every time, the first horse went for just over 55.000 dollars others for less and one for a bit more. I was just in awe of the skills these guys had and how much they had taught the mares in so little time, one little grey, Silverada was her name, was not even two years old and he was steering her without a bridle, only legs. Now that is very impressive.

Once all the horses had been sold, the organizers still had more in store for us (that is, apart from the delicious food and wine they treated us to). Quadrille riders, a couples’ dance, where the man was on a horse, and a fabulous parade. What an enchanting night.

Check out the full video below.


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