La Mariana Father and Son Tournament – Tiny kids playing polo!


It is no mystery why the majority of the polo greats are from Argentina, they can ride a horse before they can walk and are playing polo whilst they still have their baby teeth. Yesterday I witnessed some little machines, who will most definitely continue to impress us all as they grow.

4-year-old Bauti ready to play

“I can ride a pony as long as I still have my binkie”

When you are just ballin around on your pony wearing your spider man helmet.

Excuse me adult dude, while I ride you off and reach the ball first.

The Merlos family opened up their La Mariana Polo farm to kids and parents for a fun day of polo. The tournament had two different age groups, the minis and the slightly bigger kids, well Pite Merlos played with his 20-year-old son Juan Cruz, not sure that is entirely fair, although he played on the team as an adult and was not allowed to score, only pass to and support his younger team-mates.

La Mariana from the sky

Tincho Merlos showing his his little son the ropes and reins

So the rule was that the kids were in charge and the adults only helped a little when needed. From where I was standing those kids didn’t look like they needed help, zooming up and down the field at full speed hitting the ball with ease.

Guillermo Caset and all the chicas.

Sibling love

15 teams entered the tournament, which for the bigger kids meant 2 chukkers per match, two leagues, with a subsidiary final and a final at the end. The little ones played four times one chukker matches, all against all.

As Tincho Merlos said:  “Polo is all about family, it starts there.” This was very evident.

Winners got amazing prizes, sponsored by Casablanca, ONA, Equidiet, Cavalier and more.

All the mini players

Three generations, Rufi Merlos played with his uncle and his grandfather, both called Guillermo Caset.

Runners Up


A very fun day for all, I am only a little bit jealous of the amount of skill these kids all have.

Stay tuned for more polo fun from Argentina and around the world!


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