Polo – Love at first sight

Ellerstina vs La Dolfina Palermo Open Final 2010

I fell in love with polo when I was in Buenos Aires submerging myself in to the Porteño culture. I went to BA as an exchange student whilst studying my Bachelor’s degree and I wanted the full experience, so in between wine tastings and asados I encountered and fell in love with the sport of kings, which is played the best by the Argentinians and specifically the ones on the field that first week of December.

Palermo Open 2010-PoloPeoplePlaces.com

Palermo Open 2010

I attended the semi-finals and the final of the Palermo Open of 2010, where Ellerstina won over La Dolfina, in overtime. So of course being at “The Cathedral of Polo” witnessing some of the best players in the world battle it out on the field I was sold, but who can blame me?

Palermo Open Finals 2010 -PoloPeoplePlaces.com

Palermo Open Finals 2010 Ellerstina vs. La Dolfina

Anyone who has witnessed those two teams battle it out on the picturesque settings of the Palermo pitch would agree with me that in that moment you feel it in your heart and soul. Every time those powerful and beautiful horses gallop by at full speed you feel your own heartbeat race to the same speed and potency. Every time you hear the swoosh of a mallet being swung in the air to then hit that tiny wooden ball and make it soar several hundred yards in the air it takes your breath away. Not to mention the infectious feeling of exhilaration expressed by the players, both through their body-language and the loud swearing and shouting in the semi-official language of polo, el Castellano, the Argentinian Spanish. With all of this being said, how can anyone not understand why I love the sport so much?

I would really like to know how others came to know of and love the sport, so tell me your story in the comments field.


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