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Where to get a cool polo helmet – Cavalier Polo Ranch

On my recent Argentinian adventure, my days were packed with all things polo, from learning to play to watching the absolute best players in the world play the Argentine Open. I witnessed polo pony auctions, the national sport of Pato (absolute madness) and much more. I always like to know how things are made, so I dropped by the Cavalier Polo Ranch shop in Pilar to talk to Fefe about how Cavalier Polo Helmets were made, the idea behind the...

PoloPeoplePlaces in Dubai wearing Vernet Paris Polo Mallet Bracelet

From the polo fields to our wrists, the story behind the iconic Vernet Polo Mallet Bracelet

Equestrian style has been a great source of inspiration for many brands throughout fashion history and is popular with non-equestrians too. So much so, that it has at times even become mainstream. Though polo nuts know how to tell other polo nuts apart from just fashion nuts. We feel that we belong to a special club, the international polo club and we want to show that in every way we can. Overflowing our friends’ social media feeds with our polo...

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