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On my recent Argentinian adventure, my days were packed with all things polo, from learning to play to watching the absolute best players in the world play the Argentine Open. I witnessed polo pony auctions, the national sport of Pato (absolute madness) and much more. I always like to know how things are made, so I dropped by the Cavalier Polo Ranch shop in Pilar to talk to Fefe about how Cavalier Polo Helmets were made, the idea behind the designs and more. See it all in this interview:



So basically any design you want, from your logo to a drawing your child made, you can put it on the sleek Cavalier helmets. They are made with either glass fibre or the lighter models with carbon fibre, and Fefe told me that they are developing a helmet to match the new standards in the UK. The design you choose is printed on the soft shell material (which is easy to keep clean and looks great) and mounted on the helmet. Pretty cool.


The carbon fibre helmet

In the shop, I saw a few of the big names like Nico and Facundo Pieres and once you start paying attention you will see the little chess piece horse head logo featured on a lot of big polo names. What started as polo and mallet bags has now expanded to include helmets, caps, beanies, t-shirts, sweaters and much more. Check out their Instagram account to get inspired.



And I loved the vibe of the shop, literally like a little ranch with dogs and a horse roaming around outside, so very chilled and Argentinian. Stop by if you are in the area, they are on the road going to the Argentine Polo Association Alfredo Lelor fields, just look for the little sign about halfway down the road.


Say hi from me when you go!

Disclaimer: This is not an ad, I visited the Cavalier Polo Ranch shop on my own initiative and thought it was a cool place and a good story to share. Thank you, Nico and Fefe for taking the time to talk to me.

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