Croatia Trail Ride


Croatia is a beautiful country and after seeing quite a bit of it by sailboat I, of course, wanted to do some exploring on horseback. A quick search on TripAdvisor and I found Kojan Koral stables in the Konavle area, which was only 20 minutes from where we were staying.

The locals of Dubrovnik told us that it had not rained in the summer for as long as they could remember, but we were so “lucky” to have rain at some point during the day all 6 days we were there. When I arrived at Kojan Koral the rain had settled to just a light drizzle and they had extra raincoats.

Happiest on a horse, even when it is raining

I met my trusty steed and my fellow riders. Barbara our trail ride leader, Katie from the US and a couple from England. The world is so tiny, once I started talking about polo I learned that my fellow rider on this trail ride in Croatia, Alex, is John Paul Clarkin and Nina Clarkin’s farrier in the UK. I keep bumping into Nina everywhere (last in Florida, see the video here) and it is just crazy to think how we all are connected in such few links.

Anyway we got on our horses, with super comfy saddles and were on our way. It was a beautiful ride, over two hours. Through the woods, up the hill to a spot with an amazing view, and the skies cleared just as we made it up the hill.


Finally reached the top

Time to chill a bit

And do a little photo sesh in the sunset light

This boy was so sweet. Apparently, if he got tied up to the polo he would rip of the bridle and break the pole, but if not he just stood there completely still with the reins hanging. Silly pony

This ride is really for any level of rider, as we were going up and down hills a lot, we stayed at a walk throughout the ride. It was peaceful and relaxing, to just enjoy the surroundings, the beauty of the nature surrounding us. It was incredible watching the scenery change as we walked higher and as the light changed, from completely overcast to a somewhat clear sunset, and the smell of fresh rain on the plants, it was truly magical.

Beautiful views all over, the pictures don’t even do it justice

On our way back we went through the little village and kids were waving at us from their windows with big smiles (unfortunately my phone died right before we got to the village).


We made it back to the stables just before it got dark and the best ham and cheese sandwich I ever had was waiting for us. I mean, ham and cheese sandwiches are usually a bit boring, but this one was really great, the home-made bread, the Dalmatian style prosciutto and the Croatian cheese was just amazing and paired with a little glass of wine it really hit the spot.

The best ham and cheese sandwich I have ever had

Thank you to the whole Kojan Koral team for an unforgettable experience! Contact them here to book your trail ride. They also have segway and ATV rides for those seeking more adrenaline filled rides.

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