La Pampa Polo – An Argentinian-British High Quality Polo Brand


La Pampa Polo is a quintessentially Argentinian brand, everything from the heritage to the sourcing and production of their leather is done in a true Argentinian way with heart and soul. This high-quality brand is a newly established sister brand of Pampeano, as the need for specific high quality, yet fairly priced, polo leather goods grew beyond the stylish fashion and home goods brand of Pampeano. 

The Pampeano polo belt is a staple in my wardrobe, I wear it with jeans, dresses and of course when going for a ride.

The whole process behind their beautiful products starts with the local Argentinian leather craftsmen, who have learned the skills of treating and working with leather through generations, with the tradition and process being passed on from parents to children. These craftsmen travel around the country and especially Las Pampas, sourcing the best raw leather, which is then treated with vegetable products in large drums to dye and soften it, giving the leather that buttery soft feel and the distinct aroma we all know and love. 

Buttery soft leather ready to become something beautiful and functional- picture provided by La Pampa Polo

An assortment of leathers in the cutting process for polo boots. – picture provided by La Pampa Polo

All La Pampa Polo and Pampeano products are made by hand, by leather craftsmen, who have learned the skills through generations. Here a polo belt is being made. Picture provided by La Pampa Polo

One of the biggest annoyance when getting new polo boots is how stiff they are, as they are made for protection they are think and have several layers of leather, which also makes them stiff, but when the leather is really good, they will protect, whilst being flexible and soft at the right places. I just recently received my pair of La Pampa Polo boots in the mail and within the first few wears I can already feel the leather forming to my legs and feet, becoming my perfect pair of polo boots. Not to mention how pretty they are, we all know that the most important part of playing polo is to look good doing it 😉

Getting ready to ride at Polo Valley. Check out my Polo Valley posts here and here.

Stick and balling at Polo Valley in Sotogrande, Spain

I have heard so many tips on how to make your boots form to your feet quicker, from filling them with rubbing alcohol and then wearing them, to wearing them in the bathtub… but all the tips just make me nervous, my boots are so pretty and have such a lovely leather smell, I don’t want to damage them, so I just wear two pairs of socks for now and soon they will be as comfy as house slippers.

Cinderella is proof that the right pair of shoes (boots) can change your life 😉

Suzi Braithwaite of La Pampa Polo says: “La Pampa Polo’s mission is to continue bringing a strong dedication to quality and craftsmanship into our leather work, to ensure that only the best quality equipment is supplied to both professional and patron.”

She also emphasises that La Pampa Polo is truly Argentinian, although being a UK based shop, all the products are sourced and made in Argentina, to then be shipped over to the UK, where the customer service and attention to detail in the consumer experience is of high priority and a core value for the company.

From boots and kneepads to saddles and bridles, La Pampa Polo is a one-stop shop for all things polo, based in the UK and supplying customers worldwide. With very competitive prices, especially with their bundles, La Pampa Polo is the place to go as a beginner or seasoned polo player.




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