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I was slightly anxious getting back on a horse after my surgery this winter (minor umbilical hernia, all good, just couldn’t ride for a few months). I always get a little worried when getting back on after a while. But this time I had an extra support system, so at least one of my discomforts would NOT be present, I am of course talking about my SheFit sports bra. I had tried it out at the gym and felt confident and comfortable in it, so I knew it would do great things on horseback.

Issy and I on our trail ride

Cheesin’ on horses

I met with my friend Issy (check out her Insta, she’s a total polo badass) at Flying Cow Polo, where we found the ponies we were riding out in their paddocks, Issy was on her mare China and I was getting on Teapot (the cutest name for a total cutie horse). We went and found the horses and brought them in, brushed and tacked them up and finally got on, this whole process took about 35 minutes. I mention the time because with normal sports bras they sit one way, you put them on and they are either tight or not so tight. I usually go for really tight ones for riding, all that bouncing around can hurt, but the downside then is that after wearing the very tight sports bra for an hour I feel like it’s cutting off my circulation. Well not with the SheFit sports bra, it is fully and easily adjustable in two places: around the rib cage and the shoulder straps. So for the part where I was driving out to Flying Cow Polo Club, getting the horses in and tacking them up, I had my sports bra at a comfortably loose fit, then when it was time to get on I tightened it a little bit.



Feeling supported, secure but not constricted in my SheFit sports bra. Wearing Hurlingham 1875 polo shirt

We started just walking, it was my first time back on a horse in months, so walking is where you start. Our friend Belinda joined us for the trail ride. We walked through to the preserve, a beautiful natural area with interesting green paths, water and lots of birds everywhere, probably a gator too, but we didn’t spot any.

The nature preserve in Wellington

At a long straight and flat stretch we decided it was time to do a nice slow canter, so I tightened the shoulder straps all the way up, to really secure “the girls”, and I must say they were very secure and supported, even when we did an awkward half trot half canter thing. I wasn’t giving Teapot much leg so she thought “Cool, I will switch down a gear.” and would do a few strides in trot until I had regained my balance and gave her a little kick to get back up in gear.

#LifeBetweenTheEars looking for gators

Looking out for the gators

At one point Issy even looked back and said: “Yup, that’s why you wear a good sports bra, I am holding my boobs so they don’t bounce and yours are in place.”

-We have all been there.

SheFit sports bra

This is from another day I wore my She Fit bra to stick and ball and do a photoshoot with Issy and Pam. Coconut is trying to get in on the picture.

I have since worn my SheFit sports bras many times, both for riding and at the gym and I love them, the fact that I can easily switch from super tight and cinched, to more loose and relaxed is awesome. I highly recommend these sports bras to anyone living an active lifestyle. Especially for riding and polo, it is great to have the versatility of tight or loose without much fuss.

Find the Ultimate Flex Sports Bra here.

Find the Ultimate Sports Bra here. I wear Medium in both and I am a 36D

SheFit Sports bra

Happy after stick and balling with “the girls” in place. This is the ‘Ultimate Flex Sports Bra’ (rest of outfit: Hook Polo gloves, La Pampa Polo belt and Boots, La Martina helmet.)

SheFit gifted me two bras to review and my honest opinion is that they are great! I do not receive a commission on purchases.


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