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A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the British Airways “Business Class” or as they call it “Club World” class. When I am #FlyingForAliving it is indeed in one of the most luxurious charter aircrafts in the skies, but when I am #TravelingForPolo I want to spend my money on polo and as little as possible on getting there, so I always buy my tickets in Economy and sometimes I even manage to get a buddy ticket from one of my friends in Emirates.

Well this particular trip had me firstly travel 9 hours in Economy from Miami to London Heathrow overnight. I am pretty good at folding myself and can manage a bit of shut-eye on a plane with all of my essentials for flight, but it still is not super comfortable. I had a few hours to stretch my legs and get the blood flowing whilst walking around Heathrow and then I boarded my next flight, which was 7 hours to Bahrain.

One thing my mother taught me is: “If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.” by chance that day the “Club World” cabin was not full and I was a lucky receiver of a free upgrade and I was so incredibly happy with the experience, that I want to share it with you guys.

(British Airways did not pay me or ask me to review their product, I am writing this on my own initiative and these are my honest opinions)

Everything from the seat, to the toiletries bag, to the bubbly Taittinger champagne and the wonderfully polite crew was just a treat. As I have worked on Emirates Business class and now in private aviation I know exactly how high standards can and should be in a premium cabin and I notice every little detail. I must say that I was very pleased with the products and service of the British Airways Club World Cabin.

A bubbly and pink aperitif while I wait for my starter

A bubbly and pink aperitif while I wait for my starter

Starting from the beginning of the flight: a glass of wonderfully bubbly Kir Royale (Champagne with a drop of Crème du Cassis) as an aperitif before lunch was served. The seat was very comfortable and had several settings for “dining” “leisure” and “sleep” and the possibility of adjusting as you please, also quite a sense of privacy as there is a divider between the seats. One thing, which always annoys me is if I cannot keep my handbag by my feet under the seat in front of me (the reason I never choose the emergency exit seat), this was no exception here as having anything on the floor could prevent other passengers in getting out in a case of an emergency and there is no space under the seat in front of you, but there is a drawer where a computer and other essentials can be stored, so that solved my problem and the fact that the entire hatrack was just for me also helped.

On this daytime flight they were serving lunch, I must admit that even with all these years of airplane food I actually still quite enjoy it, even in economy(not sure if there is something wrong with me), but this was a special treat, the menu featured two different choices of starter: Arabic Mezze or Smoked Salmon and the main course had 4 delicious choices and I chose the Oven-roasted chicken with seasonable vegetables and it definitely did not disappoint! British Airways Club World


I had a look through the entertainment system, which had an assorted collection of new and classic movies and series in several languages to watch along with games, news channels and of course the flight information. I was already caught up on a series on my iPad, so I stuck to that during my lunch and as soon as I was finished it was time to put the seat in to “sleep” mode and lie flat and stretched out (which honestly I really needed to after that first flight).

The lie-flat bed, fluffy pillow and a quilter blanket made me doze off to dream land in seconds. (picture from

The lie-flat bed, fluffy pillow and a quilted blanket made me doze off to dream land in seconds. (picture from

I slept for a good 4-5 hours until the lovely smell of afternoon tea woke me up and I was delighted as I devoured the scrumptious little cakes. Shortly after we were landing in Bahrain and I did not feel like a zombie as I usually do after a long journey like that. I actually felt very relaxed and refreshed, which was very lucky, because I got home to an e-mail from crew control that I had to be on my way again next morning, so I was extra thankful to British Airways for such a nice flight.

Little tarts, sandwiches and warm scones, well that is definitely the way to my heart :)

Little tarts, sandwiches and warm scones, well that is definitely the way to my heart 🙂

As this was an in-flight upgrade i did not have the chance to check out their lounge or any of the other benefits of flying Club World, but hopefully I will in the future and will let you guys know about it.

Who else has been in the British Airways “Club World” cabin? Let me know your experience in the comments field below.


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  1. November 14, 2015

    What is peoples experience of British Airways customer service?

    I have always had good experiences with British Airways and recently I was upgraded to their Club World cabin and it was wonderful, the service was great and the product even better. I wrote a full review of the experience eon my blog http://www.polope…

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