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Saying that I travel quite a bit is no overstatement! Wanderlust has lead me to work as a stewardess for nearly 3 years now and when I am not flying for a living I am traveling for polo as a passenger and I have picked up on a few tricks along the way.

That time I went to LA and forgot to pack normal pants so I travelled in breeches #equestrianlife

That time I went to LA and forgot to pack normal pants so I travelled in breeches #equestrianlife #equestrianstyle


This past October I spent approximately 55 hours inside airplanes as a passenger (Bahrain, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Bahrain, Dubai, Moscow, Almaty, Dubai, Bahrain were the airports I went through) and these are my essentials for my travels and what help me keep sane and as comfortable as possible during long flights:


PoloPeoplePlaces.com travel essentials

The contents of my carry-on in my trusty La Martina Copenhagen Polo Open bag

Inflatable pillow (I always carry 2 with me, one for my lower back and one for my neck)

Socks (Always wear socks onboard, it’s just polite and considerate towards your fellow passengers. Don’t end up on the Passenger Shaming Facebook page!!)

Big Scarf (morphs in to a blanket, can cover your head as a clear DO NOT DISDURB sign or folded up in to another pillow)

Noise Cancellation Headphones (I have the around-ear design from BOSE, but wish I had gone for the in-ear ones instead)

iPad (I always make sure to have reading material and a few episodes of my favorite series)

Computer (the no wi-fi inhibits procrastination and helps my creativity, or I get time to pass by editing pictures, organizing my folders etc.)

A cool part about working on a private jet is that when we have to go pick up passengers and we go empty, we are the passengers.

A cool part about working on a private jet is that when we have to go pick up passengers and we go empty, we are the passengers.


Eye drops (a few drops before going to sleep will help prevent itchy and red eyes when you wake up, also toothpaste and a toothbrush are handy on long flights. Don’t forget to put these in a clear resealable plastic bag)

Anti-bacterial gel/wipes and Moisturizer (airports and planes are full of germs, avoid catching something that will ruin your holiday by always carrying anti-bac wipes, also make sure to wipe your tray table, screen, remote, armrest etc. as you don’t know who sat there before and what they were doing. I have seen people change diapers on the tray table!!!)

Eyeshades (some airlines like Emirates and BA have them on long-haul flights or if you ask the crew nicely they will have some extra, but to be sure just bring your own)

Ear-plugs (I prefer the silicone ones to the foam ones)

Sweatpants – I am all for traveling in style and I will be wearing a properly put-together outfit when I board and disembark the plane, but in the air I want to be comfortable, sorry – not sorry.

Water (drink as much water as possible, I always buy a big bottle at the airport. Keeping hydrated will help with the jet-lag and drinking lots of water will naturally make you have to visit the lavatory more often making you get up and move, helping with circulation)


I hope these tips are helpful, let me know in the comments field which are you travel essentials! And for a little travel inspiration check out my blogposts about Paris, New York, Vancouver, Fort Lauderdale and #Crewlife





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