Cambiaso trio debut at British Polo Day GB


On Saturday 24th of June British Polo Day hosted their 60th event globally. The fabulous day started off with a Nyetimber reception at the beautiful Black Bears Polo grounds.

“British Polo Day is an unparalleled platform celebrating the history and heritage of polo with a global community, bringing together the world’s top companies and key influencers. It provides a platform for business in emerging and growth markets, giving partners enviable access to international contacts.”

Lunch was served in the marquee, where guests enjoyed a three-course meal and a vivid live auction. For this year’s event the team also organized a more casual setting of a picnic area outside, catered by L’Eto Cafe’s (one of my favourite places in Chelsea). I met my friend Oli Argles, who runs the Chestertons Polo in the Park events (which you can read all about right here) and we enjoyed Royal Salute cocktails.

I am almost the same age as this bottle (I wish, those days are long gone, haha)

I thought these were mallet heads of course, haha.

Hold your hats folks, polo is about to start.

Then it was finally time for some polo action! On this particular Saturday we were in for an absolute show, as the world’s number 1 male player Adolfo Cambiaso and the world’s number 1 female player Nina Clarkin had a 4 chukker battle. Cambiaso’s children joined them on the field, with Poroto, who is only 11 years old playing against his father and sister Mia Cambiaso (14 years old).

I met them as they were just arriving and when I asked who would win, Poroto had a cheeky smile on his face whilst saying “We both have good chances.” Adolfo looked at his mini with pride in his eyes.

With the amazing trio after the match

Brother and sister chasing each other on the field

Fun Fact: Over 100 British and international players have played at one or more of the 60 British Polo Day events.

The first match saw KIG against the home team of Black Bears. With Cambiasos on either side and Nina Clarkin there was a lot of attack, but also great defence. The match ended in a tie of 5 a piece.

The best man polo player and the best woman polo player in the world, against each other.

Between matches guests were treated to a lovely afternoon tea, catered by L’Eto and supervised by the majestic horse statue in the middle of the tent.

I enjoyed some lovely iced coffee and juice from L’Eto to sober up for my drive home

Meanwhile, these two legends continued to enjoy the free flowing Royal Salute. #DoubleParked

The second match was a battle between British Schools vs Rest of the World. With friends on either team, I was cheering for everyone. Malcolm Borwick leading the British team and Jamie Morrison at the back of Rest of the World. Also a very even game, although I am pretty sure one point mysteriously disappeared from the boards, the match ended 5-4 in favour of British Schools.

With Jamie, Lucy and Farah as the trophy ceremony was about to start

The trophy ceremony was lead by RJI Capital CEO Ron Wahid, who presented the beautiful British Silverware trophies to the winning team.

A cute little father-daughter moment.

Both teams were winners

British Schools won the British Polo Day Trophy

After some impressive champagne sabeling it was time to enjoy the rest of the evening by the Nyetimber bus with Ebe Sievwright’s DJ skills and a yummy asado (which I was of course to excited about to remember to take pictures).



Information from British Polo Day:

British Polo Day is a fast-growing, ambitious company, which partners with some of the World’s best companies, including RJI Capital, Chelsea Barracks, Royal Salute, Yachting Partners International (YPI), Nyetimber, Vista Jet, Hackett, Charles Russell Speechlys, Justerini & Brooks, Clinova, Dr Harris, Taylor Morris, Barnard & Westwood, True Luxury Travel, Chrystal Capital, Floris, and South Kensington Club.  

The success of the British Polo Day has been largely down to word-of-mouth endorsement from many guests and supporters including key figures in government, the aristocracy, diplomats, military, fashion, art and popular culture. In addition, British Polo Day have hosted members of 12 royal families, 100 independent billionaires and leaders in world innovation including Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk. Over 20,000 guests have enjoyed British Polo Day in the last seven years, and British Polo Days have to-date raised over $2 million USD, from a standing start in 2011.


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