Cambiaso wins his 10th Cartier Queen’s Cup


On a scorching hot Sunday afternoon of the recent UK heatwave, two of the best teams in UK polo had a great battle on the Queen’s Ground at the renowned Guards Polo Club in Windsor. The Cartier Queen’s Cup is one of the highest rated tournaments in the U.K. and in the world. It is one of the most prestigious tournaments to win and the trophies are handed over by her Majesty the Queen of England.

A total of 10 teams played 28 matches leading up to the final, featuring RH Polo vs La Indiana.

RH Polo: Ben Soleimani (0); Tomas Beresford (4); Rodrigo De Andrade (8); Adolfo Cambiaso (10).

La Indiana: Michael Bickford (1); Nic Roldan (7); Agustin Merlos (8); Luke Tomlinson (6).

The excitement was building up as 3 pm was approaching and as the marching band played the national anthems and the players came onto the field, the grandstands and tailgating slots were full polo enthusiasts. We wandered around a bit, with grandstand seats, roaming by the pony lines and hanging out with friends at the sideline picnic area.

Nic Roldan doing a little lap in front of the crowd

Made a new friend

Picnic – Flemming Viktor style

Dapper summer gentlemen – the upside of the picnic side – you can wear shorts!

The game was in play and Adolfo Cambiaso scored immediately, just to remind us all of how good he is. The first few chukkers belonged to RH polo, leading 6-3 by halftime, La Indiana were easing into things and although playing some great shots, missing that last little bit to convert the points.

Rodrigo Andrade flying with Luke Tomlinson at his heels

Michael Bickford in front of The Royal Box


Halftime is socialising time, it’s when everyone goes out into the field and stomps divots and bump into each other. I found a few friends out there, whilst also teaching “my mini” (my friend’s daughter) how to divot stomp.

In the second half La Indiana came out full steam, Tincho Merlos and Nic Roldan were on fire and scored 5 goals one after the other, finally getting the lead over RH polo at 8-7. A few more goals from both teams in the fifth chukker and in the sixth Tommy Beresford evened out the score and got us all up on our feet and holding our breaths. I was sure a 7th chukker would take place as both teams had 9 goals when the first hooter went. Then Cambiaso did it again, just like last year, he swooped in, took the ball and scored, so fast that if you blinked you missed it.

Tincho putting away goals


Tommy doing a nice nearside neck shot

5th chukker excitement with 8 a piece


This was Cambiaso’s 10th Cartier Queen’s Cup victory and his pony Caraquenia took the Best Playing Pony prize.

Finalists La Indiana and RH Polo

Winners RH Polo

But the MVP of the match was my friend Tommy Beresford, who played a very strong game. Rated at 4 in handicap and being the youngest player on the field that day, this was a great honour for him, which was made even more special with family members around.

Tommy Beresford receiving his MVP prize from Her Majesty The Queen

Victory is best shared with family


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