Chestertons Polo in the Park Final


Sunday is Family day at Chestertons Polo in the Park and the polo pitch was transformed by Sharky & George and Eddie Catz into a children’s wonderland for the Little Hooves Kids Club and a polo match on bouncy ponies. (we, of course, did not see this as we were slow in getting up Sunday morning after Saturday’s fun in the sun).

We did make it just in time for the first match, and I put my GoPro on my friend Juan Cruz Guevara’s helmet during a chukker, stay tuned for the video, but here are a few stills to start with.

It was Air Europa Team Buenos Aires vs Mauritius Team Port Louis and Juancho as usual showed his skills in catching the ball out of the air and tapping it until scoring. James McCarthy and Nacho Gonzalez played well together for team Port Louis and took the lead and kept it throughout the match ending it 5-2. Juancho really appreciated all the cheering from the youngsters in the closest marquee and awarded them his whip as a gift and thank you for all the support and commented to me “They cheered so much for me, I wanted to make them happy and give them something to remember this day.”

Juancho giving the kids a souvenir

The day started out gloomy, with showers in the morning and a few droplets just when we arrived. Which Tiller and Ponti were not at all pleased with:

But luckily the sun came out again just in time for divot stomping (and a mid-pitch photo sesh).

The second match of the day we watched from the grandstand, which is definitely the best view of the field where MINT Team London and Whitley Neill Team Cape Town battled it out for the third place. The first chukker was quiet, a lot of defence and only one goal scored off the stick of Joaquin Pittaluga for team Cape Town. During the second chukker, Ruki Baillieu said “enough of this” and put a ball through scoring for team London and opening up their scoreboard. The second half of the match belonged to team Cape Town and a few goals from Jamie Morrison ended the match 5-1 and awarded team Cape Town third place in the 2017 Chestertons Polo in the Park.

Ponti had a perfect view from the grandstand

Ruki taking the lead

George and Charlie charging forwards whilst keeping an eye on their teammates

Gentleman’s sport, always high fives at the end.

The final and most awaited match of the day was definitely no Sunday stroll. Argentex Team Dubai and EFG Team Zurich were in it to win it. Alejandro Muzzio opened up the scoreboard for team Dubai and Max Charlton responded immediately with a goal for team Zurich. The teams stayed close in goals with amazing plays from these talented players. But one had to be the winner and in the end that was Argentex Team Dubai with a very close 7-6 win.

The traditional trophy ceremony with gifts from La Martina and Lanson to the players and crowning the victors Argentex team Dubai – followed by champagne showers.

Lanson champagne showers

We left the park on that Sunday evening with big smiles on our faces after the fabulous weekend, but with a touch of wistfulness about having to wait a whole year for Chestertons Polo in the Park 2018.



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