Ladies Day at Chestertons Polo in the Park


Saturday is famously Ladies Day at Chestertons Polo in the Park and what a day it was. The park was packed with some 16.000 people ready to enjoy polo (and party) in the centre of London.

The glorious sunshine definitely helped and inspired some gorgeous outfits. We spotted many florals and summer dresses, pastel colours and interesting sunglasses, it was a #MyPoloStyle party and everyone was invited! I have spotted a few on Instagram I felt needed mentioning here.

@victoriasonvico.x and her girls looked fab, in florals and polkadots which are some of my favourite things.

@alexxgreen_ knows that white is always a good idea for polo. Anyone who has had a peep in my closet knows I love little white dresses even more than little black dresses, so this is definitely a PPP approved look.

I had a hard time deciding which of these red floral dresses I liked best, so both get a spot.

I think it is quite obvious that I love floral dresses, they are just so feminine and look lovely, @francescakerr definitely looks lovely in this red floral number.

@cristionaaston Looking fab in her dusty red floral maxi and nude wedges.

We rocked up in a 16-woman-strong team all clad in florals, light colours and summer accessories. Our group was so large, that it was actually impossible to stick together and get a picture.

4 out of 16 is well done

Sadly we missed the Brompton Bicycle Polo, which I heard was extremely entertaining to watch. Instead Larissa and I tried out the bikes ourselves (not quite though since, bicycle polo in 15 cm wedges and a very flowy dress is not the best idea)

Ready for some Brompton Bike Polo

Sisters in mallets! We took a similar picture on horses at Polo Valley in Sotogrande last year. I love how our polo passion keeps reuniting us around the world.

I like to roam around the entire park to get every angle and find the best spot to watch the match.

First up was Whitley Neill Team Cape Town vs Air Europa Team Buenos Aires. Pittaluga was on fire and scored 4 goals in a row leaving the BA team behind in confusion. O’Dwyer answered with a goal right before half-time. The second half was fast and both teams scored here and there, making the crowds go wild. But team Cape Town had the upper hand all the way through and won with an impressive 10-5.

Between matches, I headed over to see my friends at the La Martina Boutique. The very talented calligrapher Satwinder Sehmi (you might have seen his tattoo work on Angelina Jolie’s back) was “tattooing” clothes and items and made a lovely little souvenir for me. I also got to finally meet Adrian Simonetti, one of the owners of La Martina, and we chatted about a new and very exciting project he is working on…

With Satwinder Sehmi and Adrian Simonetti showing off my “PoloPeoplePlaces <3 La Martina” ball

The second match of the day we watched from the Lanson Champagne Picnic area, experiencing goals very up close and personal. EFG Team Zurich with Chris Hyde (the highest handicapped arena polo player) on their team met CPITP Favourites MINT Team London with a very cautious first half with a lot of blocking, neither teams scored much. But in the second half, Hyde scored one after the other with a response in the form of great teamwork from Malcolm Borwick and George Meyrick secured more points on their board and closing the gap to 1 point. But Hyde wouldn’t have it and scored an extra 3 ending the match 13-9 and securing their spot in the final next day.

The third match saw Argentex Team Dubai smash out Mauritius Team Port Louis in a game of pass and go. George Spencer-Churchill and teammates Juan Cruz Merlos and Ali Hyder played ping-pong over the heads of their opponents and blocking every chance they had of scoring. The match ended 6- 2 to Argentex Team Dubai taking them to the final against EFG Team Zurich on Sunday.

After the excitement of the polo matches we decided it was definitely time to check out the food court at Chestertons Polo in the Park. With food trucks from all parts of London serving up delicious food in a very wide-spread variety, we had trouble choosing. From Crab Rolls, to Pizza to Mac n’ Cheese it was a foodie paradise. My South-American roots called me over to Chango where Empanadas and a Rump Steak sandwich was what hit the spot and made my tummy happy.

Not wanting to end the party we headed straight to Bluebird in Chelsea for cocktails and eventually dancing.


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