Mother’s Day (Polo) Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is coming up and I have been thinking of what to get for my mom, to show her my appreciation for all that she does for me, while also making sure it is something personal and that will remind her of me every time she sees it. After making a poll on my Instagram stories, I could see that a few of you wanted some inspo too. So here is my ultimate gift guide for polo/equestrian mothers.

Polo Jewellery Is Always A Good Idea

I wear my polo mallet bracelet and ring all the time and they are timeless and subtle pieces, that will remind your dear momma daily of you and your passion. Elvira Jewellery rings, bracelets and necklaces are inspired by polo and equestrian elements with beautiful details. The mallet bangles and rings come in silver, yellow gold, rose gold and two-tone.

I chose the two-tone yellow gold and silver mallet ring for myself as I like to wear both silver and yellow gold.


Vernet Paris makes teeny tiny, delicate and dainty polo mallet bracelets in different metals and cords, in different colors and their newly launched leather cords.

Vernet polo mallet bracelets are dainty and unique, the perfect little detail around your mother’s wrist.


Bonus: Every time someone asks about the ring or bangle that doesn’t look like something they have seen before (mallets are apparently not of common knowledge) your mom can tell the story about it.

If she is more practical, maybe a unique wooden watch from Jord would be right up her alley. Beautifully crafted and with the connection to nature, these watches are perfect for the outdoorsy mother (and they are giving away 100 USD gift card to a lucky winner, click here to enter).

My Elvira ring and the Jord Frankie 35 watch in Zebrawood and Navy.

Wooden Wrist Watch

For The Mother Who Loves To Entertain

Home decor is a good bet. PD Deco’s artistic pillows, trays and coasters light up any space and party showing a bit of equestrian and polo passion.


For The Fashionista Mom

Elegant and delicate equestrian and maritime-inspired Rönner blouses and dresses are sure to make her eyes twinkle.

Bonus: Rönner also has a few “mommy and me” matching outfits for mothers and younger daughters.

My mom and I at polo and I am wearing my Rönner stirrups top. I know she already likes this top, so that would be an easy one.

Casually inserting a picture of Facundo Pieres in this polo gift guide, to show the stirrup detail on the Rönner top.


For The Sporty Mom

Functional, comfortable and ready for action, find all of those elements in the Hurlingham Polo 1875 webshop, incorporating some history and British polo tradition into your special gift.

For the polo-playing mothers check out the Hurlingham Polo 1875 whites, gloves and HPActive line of lightweight breathable polo shirts.

PoloPeoplePlaces Mother's Day Polo Gift Guide

Wearing my HPActive polo shirt and Hurlingham Polo 1875 gloves for a lesson in Florida

The HPActive mid-layer top and the puffy vest are great pieces for mom’s who live in colder climates. And the Fairfax and Favor Imperial Explorer boots are not made for riding, but mine work perfectly fine for it.

If she is always on the run from the stable to the gym check out the AztecDiamondEquestrian lines, sporty, stylish and comfortable. I wear my leggings to the gym and for polo lessons.

PoloPeoplePlaces Mother's Day Polo Gift Guide

Wearing my AztecDiamondEquestrian leggings during a polo lesson at the IPC Polo School in Florida. They are great for stick and balling in warmer weather as they are flexible and light, but durable.


For The Shoe and Accessories Collector

Can a woman have too many shoes? Same answer as if she can have too many horses. Absolutely not, the more the better and in every color, please! Fairfax and Favor boots will withstand the test of time and keep your momma’s toes warm and dry no matter the weather. For the city chic ladies, check out the loafers and accessories.

My Fairfax and Favor Athena boots are staples in my closet and suitcase, they work well in the city and in rural areas

Get really personal, with personalization! Choose between the many Pampeano belts to pick the colors you and your mother love the most and add her or your initials for a very special gift.

PoloPeoplePlaces Mother's Day Polo Gift Guide

This is one of my Pampeano belts, it was a limited edition with the design of the Brazilian flag and some of my initials – DSL for Diana de Souza Leão

PoloPeoplePlaces Mother's Day Polo Gift Guide

And here my dark blue and pink Hermoso Skinny belt.


For The Super Adventurous Mom (if she is not already a horse nut like you):

Show her exactly what your polo/horse bug is all about, give her the gift of a beginner polo lesson, which doubles as a fun activity you will do together and she will cherish the memory forever (and maybe get the horse bug too and join in on the fun). Check with your local club if they do special beginner classes. If you would like help to find out shoot me an e-mail and I will do some research for you.

Getting into the swing of things in a polo lesson will surely spark up the polo bug for her

I would tell you guys which gift I picked for my momma, but she reads all my posts, so I will keep it a secret for now 😉 Let me know in the comments below which gift you will go for or any other ideas you have.




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