My Dubai Guide Part Two – Restaurants


My friends and people I know in my network are always asking me about where to go in Dubai, so that’s why I am making My Dubai Guides, which are lists of MY favorite places in Dubai.

The first two are located in DIFC where I used to live and where many of the restaurants and clubs are located. The next two are in Dubai Marina and the last ones are in different locations.

My new favorite restaurant in Dubai for lunch and dinner is Sass Café, my favorite dish is also the most simple, but it is literally the best Spaghetti with pesto I have ever had, the sauce is so creamy and the pasta is perfectly al-dente.

Pesto Spaghetti at Sass Café

Pesto Spaghetti at Sass Café

The desserts are also pretty fabulous, again simple and traditional, but expertly executed with fresh and good ingredients, making this little foodie very happy when dining there. My favorite dessert of all times is the Créme Brulee, if it is on the menu I will order it.

Perfect Creme Brûlée at Sass Café

Perfect Creme Brûlée at Sass Café

On Monday’s Sass Café has a new party dinner Monday’s Made Me… they launched this party 3 weeks ago and it is very fun, so after dinner the restaurant turns in to more of a club vibe and they play house music, my good friend Johanna is helping organize and arrange this party, so if you want to go join in on the fun, you should contact her. Also on Saturdays Sass has a party brunch starting from 2 pm.

Sass Café Monday's Made Me… Launch party

Sass Café Monday’s Made Me… Launch party

Sass Monday's Made Me… Launch party

Sass Monday’s Made Me… Launch party

La Petit Maison is everyone’s favorite in Dubai and there is a reason for it, the food is good, the service is excellent and the atmosphere is fun, so really there is only one thing to do and that is book a table in advance, cause they are busy every single night. Make sure to try the Burrata chesse, which is incredibly creamy and wonderful and they are also experts in Espresso Martinis.

Burrata at LPM

Burrata at LPM


Now we get to my second dining room Andreea’s at one point when I was living in Dubai I literally had more meals there than any other places combined and it was no problem whatsoever, as everything and anything on the menu is great. The people behind the restaurant traveled around the world picking their favorite dishes and the chefs took their time to perfect them and they succeeded. You can really taste the freshness and the dedication to the food. Make sure to try the Octopus Carpaccio, the Salmon Tartar and the Dynamite Shrimp as starters.

Dynamite Shrimp

Dynamite Shrimp

For the main course again everything is delicious, but especially the Veal Scaloppini is one of my favorites along with the Lobster Risotto or the Grilled Seabass, again these are not the most complicated dishes with lots of different flavors, they are just simple and perfectly completed.

Lobster Risotto at Andreea's

Lobster Risotto at Andreea’s


Atelier M in the Pier 7 building in Marina is another great place for a variety of cuisines and great atmosphere, it is divided in three levels, the lowest being the restaurant, then there is the lounge/club area and the rooftop lounge with lovely views of the heart of the Dubai Marina.

View f the Dubai Marina from the rooftop lounge of Atelier M

View of the Dubai Marina from the rooftop lounge of Atelier M


For cheap and casual options for lunch or dinner I recommend:

Zaroob, which is Lebanese Levant Street food, so all the classics of Houmous, Tabouleh and Fattoush, which happen to be my favorites. They are open and do delivery as well during the night.

Zaatar W Zeit is another great place for salads, wraps and juices, which also does delivery and if you go to the one near the Shangri-La hotel at around 3.30 am it will be packed with after party people.

Caf’é Bateel, salads, omelettes, quiches, sandwiches, you name it, they have everything with fresh ingredients and they are pretty quick and also flexible with removing or adding things to your dish.

Shakespeare’s and Co. is the perfect place for a girly afternoon tea, their cakes and desserts are the most decadent and sweet little creations. There are a few of them around town, but my favorite one is near DIFC on Sheikh Zayed Road and this is one of the few places that stays open during Ramadan, they just lower their curtains.

Decadent cakes at Shakespeare's and co.

Decadent cakes at Shakespeare’s and co.

Another great area with good restaurants is Souk Al Bahar located next to the Dubai Mall. My favorite places in here are the Thai restaurant Mango tree, where if you sit outside you can also enjoy the Dubai fountains. Claw, which is american style and finger-lickin’ good and Karma Kafe, which is kind of Asian fusion and they have lovely cocktail, I once had a martini with a tiny rose inside and it was delicious.

Let me know of other good places, I am always up for new suggestions.


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