#PoloWifeLife with Mechi Venancio


On my latest trip around the world with my #CrewLife  I had luck on my side and was in Dubai exactly on the day the McLaren Cup started at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club. Watching Zedan play against UAE was very exciting as there was a clash of titans between 10-goalers Pablo MacDonough and Pablo Pieres. On the sidelines, I managed to catch up with Mechi Venancio, Pablo MacDonough’s wife and their three adorable kids. We had a little chat about the whole #PoloWifeLife and what Mechi thinks is the most important to keep hold of.


You travel all over the world with your kids and polo player husband, how do you do it? 

Mechi: At first, it was a little bit difficult and it was a challenge for me, I don’t come from a polo family, so I didn’t know anything about the game. I love flying and going on holidays, but not for work. So at first, it was a little bit tough. A year and a half after we got married we had Milo. I took him everywhere with me and then after one year and a half, I had Olivia and then Rafa. So now I don’t have time at all, I don’t have time even to think about the travelling.

This New Year’s post from Mechi’s Instagram feed says it all. the caption: 10 countries, 10 moves, 3 schools – lots of lessons – always together <3

How old are they?

Milo is 7, Olivia is 5 and Rafa is 2,5 now. So it started being a challenge, but then I got used to it and when I stay a little bit longer in Argentina I start wanting to go back to travelling, I start missing going to the barns outside and spending a lot of time with my family. For them (the kids) it’s what they know, they were born into this, so they don’t know what it is like to stay in Buenos Aires every day and stay in one school. I thought it was going to be tougher travelling with them when they are young, but I realised it is a bit harder when they grow up. Because they have a bit of time away without doing anything. For me, school is really important so I always try to make them do stuff and have a routine wherever we are. We went to Brunei for 20 days last year and they couldn’t go to school there, but I still try to take books and make them read or do some exercises.

Milo and Olivia ready for school.
Photo from Mechi’s Instagram feed.

Practicing Milo’s match skills:

What do you think is the best part of this kind of life?

I think they (the kids) are really open-minded and will be very open-minded. I love that they can go places and they know how to adapt in 5 minutes. They go to school and don’t know anybody there. With Milo, he was the first one, I was a bit harder with him poor guy, he has been going to school since he was 2. He didn’t even know how to say “hello” and I just took him and said “bye-bye” and then he came home and had made a new friend. He is very easy going, Olivia is not that easy. I think it is very important for them to be able to adapt everywhere. I don’t know if Milo will play polo, but for him going everywhere and seeing what they do is great. And of course spending a lot of time with his father, I couldn’t do that, my father worked in an office and left in the morning and came back in the evening. They spend a lot of time with Pablo, go to the barn, they can ride, we spend every day together, that for me is the most important thing.

Milo playing polo.
Photo from Mechi’s Instagram feed

Always together, on the polo field, on the beach or on the slopes.
Photo from Mechi’s Instagram feed

Rafa with Pablo at the barn.
Photo from Mechi’s Instagram feed

And what is the tough part of this life?

The tough part would be, not being with my friends and my family. Of course when I couldn’t go to my cousins’ or my friends’ weddings because I wasn’t there. But I really enjoy what we are doing and I think that for them it is really good and we have a really nice time as a family.

You always look so amazing. What are your packing tips? To always be so well dressed and glamorous?

When I pack I usually prepare for any occasion. The first thing I pack are jeans, white shirts, sneakers and a leather jacket! Then some dresses and high heels (which I love but don’t think are comfortable for a polo field). I travel with accessories and like 4 pairs of sunglasses 🕶.

Mechi with fellow #PoloWife Maria Vazquez, looking great in her staple leather jacket and sunglasses.
Photo from Mechi’s Instagram feed

Looking sharp, sophisticated and in high heels!
Photo from Mechi’s Instagram feed

You told me you do yoga, with participation from Olivia, which other exercises do you do?

Hahaha, actually the yoga on the iPad is more for Oli’s entertainment than for my exercise. After having Olivia I decided to start running some km. Since then that is kind of therapy for me. I love running and I also train with Pablo and his trainer at the gym.


Thank you Mechi for the chat, I look forward to meeting up again soon somewhere around the world and until then I’ll see you guys on Insta.

Rafa always flashing big smiles and good vibes.
photo from Mechi’s Instagram feed.



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